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We, the African Diaspora in the USA, can be a change Africa needs – now .

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Friends of the African Union support for action on Juneteenth 2017

FAU Juneteenth 2017

The FAU Chamber will create a program to fund  1,000 majority African American Businesses who are aligned with FAU Chamber Core Company Alliances through the African Unity Solutions, our project manager in this public-private partnership proposal, in these market segments –

(1) General Construction and Real Estate Development

(2) A/E/C Professional Services

(3) Facilities Management & Construction Trades

(4) International Trade

(5) STEM

(6) The Internet

(7) Computing and Communications

(8) Fashion, Arts, Music and Entertainment

(9) Food Service, Restaurants, Food & Beverages

(10) Agriculture and Groceries

(11) Organic and Healthy Products

(12) Education

(13) Financial Services, Accounting & Economic Development

(14) Professional Services including management consultants, legal and accounting

(15) Medical and Health Services

(16) Automotive, Transportation and Logistics

(17) Retailing including online

(18) Clothing Design, Manufacturing and Retailing

(19) Manufacturing, Production & Wholesale

(20) Sports and Recreation

(21) Hospitality and Tourism

Support established businesses in these areas with other targeted business communities including: (1) Veterans, (2) Victims of Crime, (3) Minorities, (4) Appalachians, (5) Women, (6) People with Disabilities, (7) Low-Income Residents of County, (8) at Risk Youth, Addiction Reentry, (9) out of work Seniors and (10) Re-entry from a life of Crime – convicted or not.