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FAU and C.A.S.H. Asset Development with the Congress of Black Native Americans Trillion $ Solution for Indigenous People


slide18-copyOn this day, November 24th 2016, a solution Indigenous Peoples (Native Americans) Issues that is based on the statement below has been placed on the White House Petition site. Its title will read FAU and C.A.S.H. Asset Development with the Congress of Black Native Americans Trillion $ Solution for Indigenous People and to be called in social media the #FAUindigenouspeopleplan, it reads:

A solution based on the Presidents answers to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of the United States of America in 2015 which said “Civil Rights, Ethnic, and Racial Discrimination” is the number 1 USA human rights problem & “Indigenous Issues” was number 3. Will the President enter a $1 Trillion Dollar Debt Assets public private partnership solution called the Daniels IDIQ2 which addresses the damage incurred by past and current federal government racism against Indigenous Peoples? It is based on the authority that the President has, by himself, where he can use current Quantitative Easing & other authority as a final & lasting solution for the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of federal government actions against Indigenous Peoples

The $1T is proposed to be spent like this –

In Billions Use of Funds General 2017-2117
$30 My Brothers Keeper An Native American Alliance
$20 Tribal Council Operations Fund
$10 Tribal Councils Historic Preservation Office Funding
$20 Erase the Digital Divide for Native Americans
$200 Native American Housing Program
$100 Native American Mining Program
$100 Native American Agriculture, Farm and Ranch Program
$50  Native American Health Facilities and Information Program
$60  Native American Health Care Program
$30  Native American Health Professionals Development Program
$10  Native American First Responders Program
$30  Native American Primary Schools
$20  Native American Colleges
$40  Native American Teachers
$40 Native American STEM FUND
$90  Native American Infrastructure Fund
$60 Native American Business Fund
$10  Native American Women Fund
$30 Native American Indigenous Peoples Fund
$50  Native American International Business Fund


Proposed Use of Funds General 2017-2117 in 5 periods
$300B 2017-2020
$300B 2021-2030
$200B 2031-2050
$100B 2050-2076
$100B 2077-2017

Based on this work –