Friends of the African Union

We, the African Diaspora in the USA, can be a change Africa needs – now .

FAU Joint Ventures


As of November 18th 2016

We have agreement with HRH King Joseph DuBois_13

The J.O.S.E.P.H. Organization_5

The Mighty Forefront


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National Association of Black Veterans Cincinnati Chapter1-283142_1937945889974_5285824_n


FAU Indigenous People Council


Humans Everywhere Reconstructing Our International Communities (HEROIC)

FAU partner Humans Everywhere Reconstructing Our International Communities (HEROIC) is a company with a mission to reinvent and innovate international microsystems through provided information and resources, the changing of policy, and the introduction of innovate technology. Its existence is predicated on the information and resources it provides to the masses in particular markets; while taking on projects that advocate for educating such masses with information, in parallel, providing the necessary resources that deliver such information.

In parallel, the Heroic Heart Foundation is the Non-Profit portion of HEROIC which operates under event and fund raising purposes.

A long term partner of FAU


African American Organizations

African American Organizations that are being invited to join in affiliation with Friends of the African Union.