FAU Cincinnati co-sponsors Cincinnati City Council Candidate Debates on Sept 24. & Oct 22, 3 to 6PM

What should we ask of our new city council? The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, will hold elections on November 7, 2017. All nine seats on the city council are up for election. Regardless of the number of candidates, Cincinnati does not hold a primary election for the city council races. The filing deadline for city council candidates was August 24, 2017. The following candidates are running in the general election for nine seats on the Cincinnati City Council and will be invited to the debates.

  1. David Mann Incumbent
  2. Amy Murray Incumbent
  3. Chris Seelbach Incumbent
  4. P.G. Sittenfeld Incumbent
  5. Christopher Smitherman Incumbent
  6. Wendell Young Incumbent
  7. Derek Bauman
  8. Erica Black-Johnson
  9. Cristina Burcica
  10. Ozie Davis
  11. Tamaya Dennard
  12. Michelle Dillingham
  13. Tonya Dumas
  14. Manuel Foggie
  15. Henry Frondorf
  16. Brian Garry
  17. Lesley Jones
  18. Greg Landsman
  19. Seth Maney
  20. Jeff Pastor
  21. Kelli Prather
  22. Laure Quinlivan
  23. Tamie Sullivan
  24. Dadrien Washington